The Field Conditioner provides for excellent final seedbeds and added moisture conservation. With four ranks of self cleaning Danish springtines, the conditioners offer good results in breaking up soil and laying the weeds out to dry.  Spring tines penetrate the hardest ground as they move ahead and vibrate in each direction.  This stirs the soil, practically exploding it as it uproots weeds and lays them on top so the sun can dry them.

Options behind the Danish tine conditioner are either a rolling basket or tined harrow section.  The rolling baskets prepare the seedbed by eliminating pockets of air while easily rolling over rocks. The rolling baskets are for Lorenz cultivators only. The Field Conditioner is available in 3-pt. hitch.

Available in 7′, 9′, 11′, 13′, 15′ & 17′ widths

Standard Danish springtines
2 3/4″ goosefoot shovels
Pair of manual adjusting gauge wheels w/15″ rims less tires

          Heavy duty Danish springtines
          4″ & 7″ shovels


Harrow sections are available in 2 bar and 3 bar models

40″ working width – 56″ working width – 72″ working width – 88″ working width

  • Lorenz harrow sections fit most field cultivators and chisel plows.
  • Harrow sections & drawbar are fully assembled at the factory eliminating installation time in the field.
  • Available in 4 different size sections allowing a better fit on straight or folding implements.
  • Heavy duty drawbar arms insure positive mount to implement.  Arms are spring loaded and adjustable.
  • Heavy 3/8″ curved harrow tooth with back up feature

Angle adjustments of the heavy 3/8″ curved tooth can be make with on lever for all three bars in the field without a wrench.

  • The harrow section can easily be leveled by changing the hose combination in the h-frame assembly across the top of the harrow section. Adjustments for the height of the implement can also be made at the top of the harrow arm.
  • The back up feature of the harrow teeth allows backing without raising the harrow. This feature also prevents tooth breakage when making short turns in the field with the harrow down.

Heavy duty arm mounting bracket insures sturdy mounting to cultivator or chisel plow.

  • Adjustable expansion spring under the arm helps stabilize the harrow section in the field and in transport.
  • A transport pin furnished in each box clamp allows the harrow sections to be locked up when not in use.
  • Multiple holes in the box clamp on the arm will allow mounting on cultivator or chisel plow beams from 3″ to 7″ diameter.
  • Positive square on square mounting is used on both ends of the harrow arm for a
    solid positive mount.

The rolling basket crumbler adds to moisture conservation. It breaks up clumps of soil and throws it into the air. The large pieces fly higher so the fine soil comes down first. The tines make an ideal firm seedbed without pockets of air. Then the larger pieces fall and blanket the finest soil to prevent moisture loss and wind erosion. The basket aerates the top soil and eliminates the tracks of the tires and tines.

The rolling basket crumbler is designed to oscillate front to back and side to side allowing it to ride over rocks without impairing field operation.