The Lorenz Mini-Utility Cultivator is designed to be used with Category I tractors. The cultivator is an excellent tool for working acreages, gardens, food plots and tree claims. Nurseries and landscapers find the utility cultivator ideal for preparing yards for seeding or landscaping. Tines may be removed or set at different spacing to adapt to row crop cultivation in your garden or sweet corn patch. Whatever your need, the durable Lorenz cultivator offers you an effective means of cultivation even in trashy conditions.

Features of the Utility Cultivator:

*Category I 3-pt hitch – quick hitch adaptable
*4′ basic main frame
*Three ranks of standard Danish springtines (10 x 32mm x 22″)
*15″ spacing between ranks
*5 3/4″ tine spacing standard
*Equipped with 4″ shovels

Optional: * 1′ & 2′ extensions *1 1/2″, 2 1/2″, 5″ & 7″ shovels available *Heavy duty Danish springtines (12 x 32mm x 22″) * Gauge wheels